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Often used IPMI commands. Utilities from freeipmi-tools Debian package.

Turn power on

ipmi-power          -h host-ipmi -u ADMIN -p PASSWORD --on

Log in to console

ipmi-console        -h host-ipmi -u ADMIN -p PASSWORD

The following escape sequences are supported in IPMI console session. The default supported escape character is '&', but can be changed with the -e option.

    &?     Display a list of currently available escape sequences.
    &.     Terminate the connection.

Show IPMI events

ipmi-sel            -h host-ipmi -u ADMIN -p PASSWORD

Clear all IPMI events

ipmi-sel            -h host-ipmi -u ADMIN -p PASSWORD --clear

Show current settings

ipmi-sensors-config -h host-ipmi -u ADMIN -p PASSWORD --checkout

Disable warnings on third fan events

ipmi-sensors-config -h host-ipmi -u ADMIN -p PASSWORD -c -e 272_FAN_3:Enable_All_Event_Messages=No

Completely ignore fan #3

ipmi-sensors-config -h host-ipmi -u ADMIN -p PASSWORD -c -e 272_FAN_3:Enable_Scanning_On_This_Sensor=No

Set Fan speed thresholds

ipmi-sensors-config -h host-ipmi -u ADMIN -p PASSWORD -c -e 205_FAN_1:Lower_Non_Recoverable_Threshold=300.000000 -e 205_FAN_1:Lower_Critical_Threshold=300.000000 -e 205_FAN_1:Lower_Non_Critical_Threshold=300.000000
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